Day 67: Amsterdam and London (city of opportunity)

Once again, it’s been AGES since I have updated the blog. Mainly cause I’ve been in London looking for a job and a place to live and it really hasn’t been that interesting… Well, that’s not entirely true. In the video, I talk about the crazy housemates I nearly had (i.e.: a nudist and a recently separated desperado).

However before I came to London I was in Amsterdam! Now, people always talk about how Amsterdam smells of weed and has prostitutes in windows selling their vaginas (ok, it’s more than just that), and you think “yeah, ok – sure” – but you really have to experience it to believe it. However – it’s not really TRUE Amsterdam, cause the “coffee shops” are just full of tourists, and the red light district is lined with horny teenagers and older men after a perve. The locals have their own dealer (or grow their own – but that’s too much effort), and get sex like the rest of us. Oh – and the Dutch are VERY tall and built. (damn, now I want to go back there…)

When I was in the Netherlands though, I was staying with my friend Kimberley, who lived half an hour out of A’dam in a “city” called Almere. Now – this city is the future, I tell you. It is only 30ish years old, and was built cause there were too many people to live in Amsterdam. Not only that, but it is 4 metres under sea level and was only able to be built cause they built a big dyke and drained the sea in the area. There are roads especially for bikes, and they take priority of cars – CARS HAVE TO STOP FOR BIKES! Oh – and busses have their own roads as well, so they NEVER get stuck in any traffic and run on time! It’s amazing.

We also celebrated Sinterklaas – which is the Netherlands Christmas celebration. Now put simply (and Kimberley can – will – probably correct me here), Sinterklaas arrived at the end of November from Spain (what the what?!) with his “helpers” (who are not paid, from my knowledge – make your own assumptions) and I’m pretty sure he brings gifts. He is NOT Santa – however, it is believed Sinterklaas is one of the origins of Mr Claus.

During this time (and the time I was in The Netherlands) Sinterklaas and his helpers were all over the TV. I think he had a missing toy that everyone had to look for… Oh – and yes – the helpers were in blackface. Lucky Harry Connick Jr wasn’t in town.

Sinterklaas and his

Anyway – I’m in London now. I’ve had an amazing time here so far, which has been great. I’m feeling really positive about being here, and I really think I can make something of this city. I’m pretty exited. I’m going to Edinburgh for New Years which will be awesome cause a lot of the friends I made along my travels are going to be there as well. It’s gonna be brill!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


A chocolate stand in A'dam. Look closely.
I love swans. Even in the Red Light District
Says it all, right?
Merry Christmas from London!
Oxford Street on Boxing Day

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  1. Hey I have some friends from syd over there at the Mo if you wanted some more contacts with finding a place to live etc. Laura is a rower and HR ex I met her at the gym and Scott is a MMA coach great guy, they may know others that could help.

  2. the anne frank house was AMAZING! I cried a lot, but it was so incredible to see the house I read [and reared and reared] about and to see the actual diary of hers .amazing. worth the trip if nothing else was there. but the van gogh museum was great, too, and the red light district was alright, too, bu tno cameras! =]as for London, I was there from Sept-Jan, and it was amazing. Brick lane has lots of great Indian places, one of my favorites was pappadums, and .oh there was another great place I will try to get the name of, amazing Pakistani restaurant in the brick lane area. as for pubs, anglesea arms was great, and the Olde explorer right off of oxford street, I think. =] amazing fish and chips. oh! and go to Nando’s!

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