Day 44: OMG: Paris! and Bitch, Please…(!)

Here’s another item to put next to “James is a mega gay stereotype”I LOVE PARIS! I know everyone talks about how amazing Paris is, and yeah – it pretty much is one of the best places on earth (so far, that I’ve seen). Which is why it’s taken me so long to do another blog! There is so much to do here, and every moment I’ve been here I’ve wanted to be out in the thick of it.

To top it off, I made a friend with an AWESOME woman/girl, Katie, and we spent the week together doing Paris shit. The hostel we’re in is pretty commercial, and full of incredibly annoying people, so we got along just fine paying it out and avoiding crazies. We dominated karaoke night (however, I think I better stick to singing love songs to lovers (re: Warsaw)… :S We walked into a room later in the week, and someone greeted us with “Oh, you’re the karaoke guys!”), ate snails (delish!), and checked out some of the fantastically hilarious porn titles (e.g.: “My hole is ready” – how original) in the “adult Disneyland” around the Moulin Rouge.

One of my friends from home, Claire, has brought to my attention on many occasions that I have this amazing ability to turn people around me into mega bitches (in the nicest possible way) after spending a few hours with me. I’m proud of that. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and only the strongest survive! Plus, it goes well with my stereotype list. Reason why I’m bringing this up, is it kinda happened to Katie, and another one of my new friends, Mab. As I told them, “life is too short to be hanging around annoying people”. Take that home.

People in the annoying list:
Tennessee: a mid-30s divorcee who was camper than Christmas (and not gay). Thought his job in a call centre was important enough to tell us all about his “senior position”, and what gifts he bought every one of his staff.
Maple Leaf: a 20 year old guy from the States, who has lived in York, UK for 3 years and has a strong Irish accent (wtf). Likes doing party tricks. Also has many ridiculous tattoos. One is a maple leaf
Texas: a 19 year old who told too many stories of her weird fucked up family (rapist uncle was one, I think), and cut her 3 week trip short to meet some guy in Texas she met on the internet. Also wanted to sell her virginity on the internet. Also missed the Maccas at home.

… but I digress…

The Eiffel Tower is just breathtaking. I saw it at dusk yesterday, and decided to do the video blog from there. I blab a little bit in the blog, but whatever.

The food here is incredible! Katie and I had the most AMAZING meal in Hôtel-de-Ville called Café Hugo. Then last night, a few of us had a super cheap meal in the Latin Quarter. Three course meal for 10 euros! HOWEVER! On my last night in Lyon, Mab and I had this ridiculously shitty meal at this place that seemed ALWAYS BUSY!!! So – we thought it MUST have been good. We were wrong. Check out exhibit A below. Also, the woman prepping the desserts had scabs all on her hands. We skipped dessert. Oh – we also didn’t pay for the shitty salad, and bolted out of the restaurant. Yeah – living life dangerously!

I’m going to Amsterdam today, and am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. Then London on Sunday.

I don’t know how much more I can say here… so here’s the video:

I'd BETTER have a boy to kiss under this the next time I'm here... Just sayin'!
Anyone for a skip through the park?
So, it was only sunny for ONE day...
"It's beginning to look a lot like..." in Galeries Lafayette
Shower at the gay club. He dances. In the shower...
I'm not stoned..
Me: "Oh - it looks heaps bigger!" Tour guide: "That's what he said..."

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  1. Ohhhhh! This makes me wish I were still traveling! Thanks for all the sweet shout-outs. (And ps. I’m from Minnesota.) Sorry that all the jerks you encountered were from the States. Hope I made up for that just a little…

  2. I wish I was at La Fayette!!! Absolutely insane. Surprised you have not bought anything… Are you planning on staying in London long after Amsterdam? xx

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