Day 38: Fun in Nice et When CouchSurfing Turns Sour

Greetings from Lyon in the east of France. I love France, and I’m lucky that I haven’t come across the arrogant awful French people like the boy I came across in Budapest. But apparently they all live in Paris, and I haven’t been there yet. I’d like to think it’s my “school boy French” that is working it’s charm. (and when I mean “school boy French”, I mean, I can order things, and ask how people are, but when they start talking back – THAT’S when I get in trouble… haha)

I had SUCH a wonderful time in Nice. Not only is it beautiful (and reminded me of Batemans Bay – where I grew up), I was there at the most perfect time of year. It wasn’t too hot, and there weren’t too many tourists – PERFECT! I spent most of the time eating and laying in on the beach (in the late arvo so I don’t get sunburnt 😉 ) and drinking wine.

On top of that, I met some wonderful people! All of which were traveling alone – so it was perfect. Gen (a girl from Sydney) took some amazing pics, but I don’t have them yet – so we’re just gonna have to put up with mine for the moment. It was great to just chill out and relax with the same people for a few days, drink wine, and shoot the breeze.

Oh! I also met a lovely CouchSurfing guy on my last day in Nice, who took me to a couple of secret places. One place at a hidden beach, and the other this very cute, hidden Italian restaurant for lunch.

View from secret place

In the video, I talk about my shitty CouchSurfing experience from yesterday, and my low tolerance for obnoxious, bogan Australian tourists. So – sorry, but the video is a bit of a whinge-fest today. I’m putting my whinging and low tolerance down to the fact I haven’t had sex in weeks. (partly cause I’ve got my mind elsewhere, and partly cause I can’t be bothered…) Is it just me, or is that how a normal person operates??

Anyway, that’s enough of that. My Parents and Aunties read this…

Love to all xx

My Dad would like this photo cause of the boats...
Sunset in Nice

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