Day 34: Riding on Bikes with Boys, and Crazy Italians

I apologise in the video for my delayed blog, but I’ll do it again here. SORRY! It’s been a week since my last post, and I’ve been in three countries! I am in Nice now, and you’ll be able to tell from my video – it’s quite nice (pun-tastic). (I also started this blog two days ago, but I have been busy in Nice with new friends, SUNSHINE, and walking around in thongs). I talk about my Italian experiences in the video, and the below is about Zurich and Switzerland.

I LOVE IT! Zurich (I explain why I ended up going to Zurich instead of Venice and Verona in the video) is so smart and modern – I would totally work there. The only thing is, it’s SO damn expensive, and even the locals cross the border to Germany to do their grocery shopping. Insane. I stayed one night in a hostel, and had a heart attack at the price – 50 FRANCS! (nearly equal to the AUD). And that was for one night. I hit CouchSurfing to see if there was somewhere I could crash the second night, because that was just WAY out of my budget.

I found a lovely guy who lived with his uni mates named Jonas, who allowed me to crash at VERY short notice. Oh – I’ve learnt how to search for gay people on CouchSurfing to avoid the awkward coming out thing, and not knowing how people react to gays – which can be quite nerve wracking – but I though a bunch of uni boys would be fine with a gay. And they were – they were lovely.

Jonas took me on his Vesper to a look out over Zurich, which was nice. Now – this will be embarrassing if he reads this (I don’t think he will), but I always find it awkward how to ride on the back of a bike with a straighty. Like, how close do I sit? Do I hold on to him? If so, how tight? What if when we stop, I slide really close to him? Do I move away? WHAT IF I GET A SEMI?! These were all the things going through my mind (ok, exaggeration), when riding with Jonas (who was cute as well).

Anyway – I’m glad to report, none of those things happened, and everything worked out fine.


Now – the boys were very accommodating, and my brother was very proud of me and the activities I participated in. We drank beer, played some soccer game on the PS3 (what the fuck is that offside rule!?), watched random YouTube videos, and Family Guy. HOWEVER – things did get a little interesting when they were giving me an induction to Rammstein (I know who they are, but never watched any video clips)… They showed me this one. Watch at your own risk, but I couldn’t help but think that they were only showing it to me for my own benefit… Thoughts? THEN during Family Guy, we were making our way though a season, and when I got back from the bathroom, realised they’d skipped a few episodes to the Family Gay episode, where Peter is injected with the “gay gene”. Also, for my benefit? PS – it feels like EVERY TIME I find myself with that episode, I’m with a bunch of straight boys (who don’t know when to laugh and when NOT to laugh in case they offend me… HILARIOUS). It happens to be one of my favourite episodes, so at least I enjoyed it…

Anyway – to round off Switzerland: love the Alps, love the men, love the chocolate. I also fell in love with this town on the way to Italy – Lugano. I plan on having a holiday house there one day.

Lugano - so pretty!

Can you imagine how cold he is?
This is outside the Millan Stock Exchange. Irony considering where Italy's financial position is...
The Italian Prime Minister's Son (in a gossip magazine)...
Flamingos in the garden where rich people live

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