Day 26: Climbing Ev’ry Mountain…

I’m gonna find it REALLY hard not to talk about Salzburg right now, cause I’ve told myself this blog needs to be about Budapest. It’s SO pretty here, and today I did the Sound of Music tour.

Oh – fuck it. I’m adding the Sound of Music to this blog. THE TOUR WAS SO MUCH FUN! Ok, probably don’t need all caps on that. The hostel I’m staying in is really cute, and they play the movie every day at 1030am (and once at night if someone puts it on – and they do). Anyway – the tour was camp and fun. Naomi (the tour guide) asked if I was a fan: I told her it was “gay law for me to be a fan”… from there, things just got better. Cue jokes about Rolfe being a babe, but “the really good looking ones are never any good”, jokes about Gretl putting on weight during the filming (WHICH HAPPENS TO BE TRUE cause she was a little shit to deal with, and they had to give her cake all the time as bribery to do what they want. I would have sacked the little diva), and then finally (why did I write finally?! Like I was expecting it!?) being offered job as a tour guide at the end of the trip. CAN YOU IMAGINE!?

Here are a selection of pictures from the tour.

"Climb Ev'ry Mountain......!"
There's a hotel on the top of that mountain...
Left at Maria's alter...

Meanwhile, it was Independence Day in Poland last Friday. Now, you might be thinking “oh, good on Poland and their Independence Day and their parades to celebrate their Independence…” – well, no. You’d be wrong. Wrong if you’re not a fascist who have own plans on what Poland should look like – i.e. White and hetro – and get your wife in the kitchen while you’re at it. Look – the Independence of Poland is a long story, but in short, this day was created to celebrate the reunification of the country, and the Polish way of life. These days though, the Republicans (slash fascists) have taken the day to promote their own agenda.

The reason why I mention this though is, unfortunately for liberal Polish minds, the actions and minds of these people are quite strong and homophobic – so the gays and their friends create a blockade against the homophobes/fascists to put a holt to their parade/march.

Long story short, Bo was involved, and I wanted to include it in this blog. I find it quite sad that the gays in Poland have to fight for respect in such a way. It reminds me of how far Australia has come (yeah, yeah, but not far enough blah, blah, blah)

I think the new scarf and shoes made all the difference...

Here is a police helicopter’s (mind you, it seems like it’s from a toy helicopter) view of the blockades.

Oh – and BTW – the good guys won! 😉

OH SHIT! I forgot to talk about BUDAPEST! Lucky I made a video about it!!!!

And here are the pics to go with it:


Grandma serving VERY CHEAP Jagar
A "game show" drag act!? COME ON BUDAPEST!?
Oh come on. A "straight" drag act? #fail

[Editor’s note: Please appreciate what I did with the headline…. well, it covers two of the topics in this blog…]

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