Day 15: Loving the Poles

(Well, I was supposed to upload this on Thursday, but I couldn’t upload the video… Another one will follow in the coming days)

WHAT THE EFF?! It’s only been two weeks!? DAY 15?! This is ridiculous. It feels like I’ve been away forever! Well, before I start – thank God I got out of Prague. Sure, it’s pretty – but GEEZ was it full of tourists. I hated that. It seemed very over commercialised for tourist consumption, making me feel like an idiot.

I’m in Poland now, and it’s lovely. It’s mega cheap, the food (and drink) are great, and the Polish are fantastic. I’ve been asked three times by Poles (not actual poles, but Poles) why an Australian would come to Poland. I think they’re flattered 😉 But really – it’s seriously the people I meet which makes a city or a country. I think that’s why I loved Berlin so much. It’s certainly part of the reason why I love Poland – great people.

In the video I talk about my first CouchSurfing experience, and what came of it… (unbelievably random/hilarious)… and meeting Bogsuslaw (who I’ve affectionately called “Bo”… oh – yesterday he asked me if there was a “cute short version of James…” I told him he’d have to make one up, cause James has one syllable… – but adorable anyway. haha)

Wasted at 7am...

One thing I didn’t put in the video (cause of time constraints) was Auschwitz. It was fascinating. Depressing, but fascinating. I think it’s the main reason why people travel to Krakow, cause it’s only 70 odd kilometres out of the city (town)… even though it takes 2 fucking hours to get there by train… (sure the trains in Poland are cheap, but they’re fair shit).

Antonella and I (another CouchSurfer – see the video) had a mega-fiece tour guide. She really knew how to style it up for a Nazi concentration camp. She was cold as ice, and had a brilliant delivery for such grim content. If she was in Auschwitz, she would have survived. Anyway – you have to joke about some things, otherwise it just gets to depressing. Some of the things I learnt made me sick. (For anyone who’s been there before – HOW DISGUSTING IS THE HAIR!)

Our "fierce" tour guide

Another thing Antonella and I experienced was the main cemetery in Krakow during their national holiday for the dead (or All Saints Day). I thought it was a bit weird taking a pic of the candles (it looks amazing), but then I saw a camera crew filming people for the news… News loves grieving people! *eyeroll*

Ok – lets leave it there. I’m off to Vienna next. Can’t wait to do the Sound of Music tour… haha 😉

All Saints Day at Krakow's main cemetery
More candles...
"... and how do YOU celebrate death?"

Krakow at 7am
Bo, Sabina and Antonella on our way to Maccas...
A man play a trumpet at the top of this Church every hour... EVERY hour (even at 4am, when I took this pic...)

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  1. Hey James, laughing my way through your videos, thanks for sharing them 🙂 just thought I’d mention that if you want a serious dose of Sound of Music you should go to Salzburg, there’s a hostel there called Yoho where my brother worked years ago. He actually met his wife there – he was the night porter, she was from Argentina and on holiday in Europe. 10 years later (and many trips back and forth from Melbourne/Buenos Aires) they got married…

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