Day Four – “Only in Berlin…”

I’m not entirely happy with the vlog today. Hopefully it isn’t boring. Something that ISN’T boring though, is this city. Everyone says how amazing Berlin is, and yeah – it’s pretty amazing.

In the video I talk about my day with Matt, the “well fit” gardener from Brighton, giving my number to a barista which lead to being taken around town with a group of crazy-fun Danish girls.

The hostel I’m in is nice. It’s pretty small (about 20 guests), which is cool cause we’ve been going out together. I had such a nice welcome though! When I checked in, a few of the guests were opening a bottle of bubbly, and by the time I’d put my stuff down, they’d poured me a glass as well – sweet! Also, there was a HOT(!) Israeli guy who said “Just when I leave, a hot Australian boy turns up!” *blush*… I woke the next morning to find him leaving me a love letter with his digits and email address just in case I visit Tel Aviv – score!

Anyway, the hostel is pretty cliche though (remember, it’s gay). Like, you have to pick your time to shower carefully, cause having a shower could turn into much more than you bargained for (which could be a good OR a bad thing – i.e. with the cute muscle-mary German ranga (good), or the hung Polish couple (not bad), or the older tall Danish guy (bad)). Which leads me to another thing – the gay clubs here are NOT JUST gay clubs haha… Like, what looks like a normal dance bar turns into something else behind a few doors and down a corridor or two… *coughcough* darkroomsandporn *coughcough*.

OH – and another thing – I’ve heard Empire of the Sun here THREE TIMES in gay bars. How amazing is that!? You can probably guess I totally peak when that happens…

Also – a lot of people have been thinking I’m German – until I open my mouth. Must be the blue eyes and the fair complexion… I made a joke about being “Hitler’s dream child” the other day. Probably best not to. OH – speaking of getting in trouble, they do uniforms over here REALLY well. Everyone in a uniform looks hot.

Men in uniforms!
Danes + Gin + 1 German + Me = FUN TIMES
The Brandenburg Gate seconds before I met Matt, "well fit" gardener from Brighton.
So, my hostel in Frankfurt happened to be in the red light district. Fancy that!?

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