Day 10: Feels Like Home

So, I’m in Prague now! I had the most amazing time in Berlin, and met some of the most amazing people. I will never forget it, and I can’t wait to go back. Hopefully my trip didn’t peak too early! Nah, surely not!?

Other things I checked out in Berlin were the Wall and a couple of museums. I would have liked to see more about WWII, but I guess it’s not something they’re proud of. It’s like the US having a G.W. Bush museum. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Apparently they’re building a Bush Museum…)

Prague is REALLY pretty. It feels like I’m in a movie set. The streets are effed though, it’s so easy to get lost, but I’m getting better at making my way around. I feel like SUCH a tourist using a map all the time…

In this video, I talk about the end of my Berlin trip, getting to Prague, Czech men, proposals and bar fights (who said home wrecker?), and genuinely being asked if being gay is an option.

I need to have a nap. I was out till 630am last night. The gay bar played three Kylie songs (AND a Madison Avenue song!) – so, I was pretty happy.

ALSO! I met a woman last night who planned on coming to Europe for a six week holiday. She’s still here, and that was eight years ago… Get OUT! (not literally… you know?)

Me at the castle, with Prague behind me

A Prague Church at night

… and this is still in my head:

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